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Thank you for visiting my home on the web! I offer a variety of entertainment and services for you.

I update my blog frequently with inspirational posts, insights, and motivation. I also update you on what life brings my way as I try to make the world a better and more connected place.
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I make music for video games, TV, commercials, and movies. I also regularly release my own creations available for purchase on my Web Store.
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I make a podcast centred around Music, Technology, and Positivity. These are ramblings and observations about a world of wonder we're surrounded by every moment of our lives.
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I'm the founder of Tech Tavern, a tech company who's primary focus is educating people about their mobile technology. With a heavy focus on the elderly and mobile phones, Tech Tavern's objective is to help connect people to their friends and family through education.
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Having professional custom made music for your production will instantly set you apart from the competition. Create a unique setting in your Video Game, Commercial, TV Show, or Movie. Quick turn-around time, professional quality, and affordable flat rates. Help your production reach the next level and be heard.

Availability Limited.

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Specializing in one-on-one learning sessions to help you understand how to get the most out of your mobile tech.

Nobody's too old to stay connected in today's modern world.

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